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Pre-Filtration systems such as the highly sought after Cetus Sieve
and Clarity Protein Skimmer.

Koi Pond Filtration maintains water quality. The overwhelming cause for most health problems in ponds is poor water quality.

Water is a universal solvent, nearly everything, whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral, has some reaction with water- for better or worse! The largest pollutant in most ponds actually comes from the food we feed our koi and the resulting discharge of nitrogenous waste which is broken down to form ammonia. The most deadly of pond solutes.

A good Koi Pond Filter system will perform two primary functions, removal of particulate and waste debris and then fish toxic water pollutants removal. Removal of particulates, mechanical filtration, reduces the loading factor on the ponds system. If left to decompose, further pollutants would be produced and oxygen levels would decline. So removal is critical in maintaining a safe and sound ecosystem. There is a great deal of equipment available today to facilitate mechanical filtration or pre-filtration including skimmers, sieves,turbo vortexes and filters themselves that perform both mechanical and biological filtration.